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Customer Comments

Don Rima - IBM iSeries Magazine

   "A Remote Supporter's Dream... this is falling off a log simple.  If the user is somewhere on the other side of Inner Mongolia, this is the next best thing to being there."  [Remote View]

Dave George - Times 400 magazine

  "So Cool - It Hurts!  It's easy, quick, requires no additional software, runs very well and solves a myriad of problems.  This is one amazing item.  I wish I'd had it when I needed it."  [Remote View]

Michael Tuckman - WMSI Inc

   "My company has been using your products with one of our clients, and we have been very impressed with the speed and usefulness of Remote View and Spool View.
   We were in the process of looking at a GUI-based screen viewer when we came across this one.  I showed it to one of my programmers and it knocked him out!"

Warren Patrick - Tire Rama

"I'm sold!  Send the invoice.  I'll recommend your product to any other AS/400 system administrators I run across in Billings.  I tried a competing product and find yours to be much simpler to use and just what we need when dealing with our 25 stores around Montana."  [Remote View]
Gail Goetz - Oxford Automotive.

   "I really like the product!  It's saved us a lot of time and allows us to remove users from a software package 'gracefully' rather than end *immed."
[Remote View]

Jack Kissell - Smith Transport International

  "Remote View is a most valuable tool in our shop."

Harry Daum - Isfel-Outerstuff.

   "Your product is extremely useful and saves us a lot of time, effort, travel and mis-communications."  [Remote View]

Bill Clark - OMG Americas.

   "We have found the BPCS C.H.Fix program to be of great value.  Both users and staff  have commented on the usability of queries now that the field descriptions make sense."

Frank Kolmann - Revlon Australia

  "As for COLHDGs there is a magic utility on www.precosis.com.au BPCS Column Heading Fix.  We have bought it and it works fine.  It comes with column headings for all the BPCS files but you can alter them if you choose to.  You can add your own files and change column headings, very useful if you have included spare fields that you decide to use but don't want to recompile the file."
  (from BPCS-L newsgroup)

Ray Papsys - Shaklee Corporation

   "Love your product! ... I think your tools are excellent, very useful and therefore probably way under priced."  [BPCS C.H.Fix]

Chris Ertz - WM Barr

   "We don't have BPCS but we have a commercial package database that was generated using SQL and lacking in useful descriptions.  I wrote a program that imports a spreadsheet of text and columns.  It loads your [field reference] file FTCREF.  I have run your utility against our test environment.  So far so good.  I plan on using it on MAPICS files as well."  [BPCS C.H.Fix]

John Costanzo - Barton Instrument Systems

   "... it is well worth the money!"  [BPCS C.H.Fix]