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"Your product is extremely useful and saves us a lot of time, effort, travel and mis-communications."
Harry Daum - Isfel-Outerstuff.

Remote View
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Monitor, Capture & Control AS/400 Displays  

Remote View is a screen controlling utility that allows you to directly assist your users - to see and take full control over their screens, regardless of their location, or whether they were attended or not.  And to do so without leaving your desk.

Effective help desk and operations support requires that you have proper control over all aspects of your system.  You can't have that if you depend on others.  End users cannot be relied upon to accurately describe the contents of their screens, nor to exit out of applications when required.  If you were there, you could show them, or do it yourself.

That's where Remote View comes in.

With Remote View you can -

  • Assist users that cannot explain properly over the phone
  • See and answer error messages on other people's screens
  • Monitor suspect users - without their knowledge
  • Train users remotely by following their keystrokes on your screen

You can also -

  • Back users out of record and object locks - without their assistance.
  • Shut down interactive jobs safely - without canceling them.
  • Assist with change management - close active programs so you can move new versions up.
  • Remotely take over the system console to kick off a System Save (read more).
  • Sort all jobs via active program or elapsed time for easy shut down at day end.
  • Capture emulated sessions - even those locked by a screen-saving password!

Display mode Features:

  • Duplicates all attributes of a user's screen, including cursor position, up to the last keystroke.
  • Very easy to use.  Access a session via user / device with a single command.
  • Select and sort sessions via generic (or all) user / device names.
  • Image can be refreshed manually or automatically.

Change mode Features:

  • Duplicates displayable attributes on a user's screen, including input fields.
  • Transmits function keys, Attention and System Request functions.
  • Local copy refreshed after each change.
  • Shows active programs, elapsed time and other job details beside each job.

Other Features:

  • Run remote commands on other jobs, including batch jobs, and get direct access their QTEMP and LDA.
  • PDM-style job selection allows jobs to be filtered on various criteria, then actions to be taken against those jobs.
  • Security options control and limit access based on user, device and application.  Pop-up confirmation windows can be put on the user's screen.  Open file authorities can be tested and actions can be journaled.
  • Requires no system mods, initial programs, user responses, or PC interfaces to operate.

This tool is a must-have for any site whose user base is not easily accessible.  With it you can be everywhere your users are, providing necessary support and control without travelling.

No PC components required! - install this once only on your 400 then call it from anywhere.  Handles dumb terminals, PC emulated sessions and RF (hand held) units. 

See an animation of View mode to see how easy it is.
See an animation of Change mode (also easy).

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The special features of this tool put it beyond the capabilities of any AS/400 product.  'PC equivalent' products such as Symantec's pcAnywhere, or Stac Software's ReachOut are priced per-user, costing you many thousands, and cannot integrate AS/400 information (jobs, programs, display formats, and security) into their functions.  If you were looking for a tool like this then try it out - you won't be disappointed.

  New Version 4.1 released!
Do your users abandon their screens,
Mid-way through maintenance sessions, Locking records and objects,
Leaving files half-updated,
Ignore your 'Please Sign Off' messages,
Then go home??

No Problem !
Don't kill their jobs and mess-up the database.  You can now sign them off safely -
Right from where you're sitting!



Score: 96%
See the SPOTLIGHT review in AS/400 Magazine


"A Remote Supporter's Dream" IBM iSeries Magazine presents the Honor Roll award for Remote View.  November 2000.

400 Times Hot Product
"This is one amazing item..." Read an independent review from Times 400 magazine.


iSeries NEWS Apex Award, Editors' Choice finalist in Operations category, 2003