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BPCS Column Heading Fix
AS/SET Tools for ADK
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Programs in Use
Work with System Activity II
"Your product is extremely useful and saves us a lot of time, effort, travel and mis-communications."
Harry Duam - Isfel-Outerstuff.



A screen viewing / controlling utility that allows an operator to remotely look at end-user screens, and to optionally take control of their keyboards.  Good for user support and closing down unattended screens without job cancellation.


Allows objects to be changed and recompiled while they are in use, without affecting those already using them.  With it, new versions of display files and menus can be moved up without having to disturb the current users.

An alternative to the standard spool display.  Shows spool files with all their attributes: page breaks, line spacing, overprint, underline, IPDS attributes etc.  Allows scanning in mixed case and backward.  Larger display area makes viewing of spool files easier.

This tool fixes the limited column headings that appear on BPCS version 6+ databases, and makes queries easier to understand.  Updates the field text, column heading and edit codes without the need to recompile.  Comes with a database of corrected field descriptions for each BPCS version.

Some programming/documenting tools that enhance the AS/SET language.  Utilities include a source compare, a program lister and a message literal converter.

Allows you to 'sign-on' as another user without requiring their password.  Good for testing menu setup, object security and allowing temporary access as another user.

A call stack analyzer that tells you when programs are being run.  Displays a list of jobs that are running a program or set of programs.  Shows a call stack beside each job in reverse order.  Also comes with APIs to find when programs a being used and retrieve the call stacks of jobs.

An alternative to the WRKSYSACT (Work with System Activity) command that doesn't require performance tools.  Has a few benefits over the standard command such as allowing F5 refresh and the ability to run from multiple sessions.