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What's New + Latest program versions

08-Mar-10 New versions of Spool View and Logon as User available for the most recent release of OS/400 - V6R1 (i6.1).
12-May-08 Due to the changes in the most recent release of OS/400 - V6R1 - some products will be discontinued.  These are: Remote View, WRKSYSACT II, Lock Buster, and Programs in Use.  This is due to restrictions in V6R1 which prevent user-created system-state (patched) programs from being restored.  Other products: Spool View, BPCS Column Heading Fix and Logon as User will also stop working, however new versions of these can be made available, depending on demand for them.
21-Jul-06 Show the partition capacity on WRKSYSACT II and adjust for it.
04-May-06 Changes to Remote View to handle v5r4.  Also fixed a few other problems.
04-May-06 Changes to WRKSYSACT II to handle v5r4.  Plus a few other fixes.
27-May-05 Updated BPCS Column Heading Fix to handle certain field types present in v8.2.1 of BPCS.  Also added new field reference database for v8.2.1.
06-Sep-04 Changes to Lock Buster to handle v5r3.
06-Aug-04 Updated BPCS Column Heading Fix to handle fields with data type 'O' (DBCS Open).  This data type is used in the v8.2.0 version of BPCS.
08-Jul-04 Updated WRKSYSACT II to display total/active CPUs and interactive usage.
31-May-04 Bug fixes for Lock Buster.
23-Mar-04 Allow Spool View to display hexadecimal print data.  This is good for deciphering DBCS and international characters.
10-Nov-03 Remote View v4.0 released.  Many new features added.
30-Sep-03 Fixed bug on WRKSYSACT II that could stop it working on earlier OS/400 releases.
05-May-03 Updated Logon as User to add new commands: 'Logon as Virtual Session' and 'Change Password Temporarily'.  Made additional improvements to original command.
05-Mar-03 Updated WRKSYSACT II to allow filtering by job names, users and CPU%.  Also enabled output to be sent to a database or print file.
05-Dec-02 Changes to Lock Buster to handle v5r2.
14-Nov-02 Changes to Remote View for cumulative bug fixes.
06-Nov-02 Changes to Spool View to handle v5r2, plus allow the use of command exit-point programs for activation.
28-Sep-02 New product Lock Buster released.  Allows objects to be changed and recompiled while in use.
18-Sep-02 Made available AS/SET Literals to Messages, a tool for converting hard-coded text literals into message files, so that national language translation can be used.
19-Jun-02 Updated BPCS Column Heading Fix to handle the latest version of BPCS v8 database.
11-Jun-02 Changes to Spool View to handle v5r1 spool number size plus other bug fixes.
17-Feb-02 Changes to WRKSYSACT II to address security issues plus other bug fixes.