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Lock Buster
Change and Recompile objects while other jobs are using them 

Don't let others hold you up - make important changes when they're needed!

Lock Buster allows you to change and recompile objects while they are being used - without affecting the users or jobs that are using them.  Basically it lets you remove object locks, allowing you to make changes to those objects which would normally not be possible without job cancellation.


Suppose you need to make some important changes to a display program, like add some new display fields.  Unfortunately this program is in use by 50 people, so you can't do it.  Currently your options are:

Conventional methods of recompiling an object while users are locking it Resulting problem / limitation
Send break messages telling them to exit for a while Many may not respond
Bring down the interactive subsystem Certainly not desirable
Cancel the jobs of those that don't respond They won't like that
Use Remote View to manually exit them Too much work, and it interrupts them
Create an alternate version higher in their library list You can only make one change
Do the work after hours Not an option - these changes are important

What this tool allows you to do is remove object locks on relevant objects, like the display file.  You can then recompile the display file and program.  The REPLACE(*YES) options on compile commands will automatically put the old objects into another library, allowing them to be still used.  The users will not notice anything.  They will continue to use the old program and display file.  Anyone that now calls that application program will access the new version.  And anyone that exits then re-enters the program will get the new version.

With Lock Buster you can

  • Recompile display and printer files, while they’re in use
  • Recompile menu objects and panel groups, while they’re in use
  • Recompile a logical file, e.g. to add new keys, while it's in use
  • Recompile a physical file, e.g. to add extra fields, while it's in use
  • Change a physical file size or maximum-members while it’s in use
  • Remove locks on message queues so they can break on another job

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Cut downtime and interruption.  With this tool there's less need to wait to get important changes done.  Lock Buster can speed change management, allowing changes and recompiles to be made without disturbance.