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Spool View
Spool display the way it should be 

Easier to use.  Larger display.  More accuracy and functionality


Looking at spool files is something that both programmers and end users depend on daily.  Yet the standard OS/400 spool-display feature is rudimentary and has remained virtually unchanged since it was written.

So you often need to print out a file just to see what it looks like, or open it up in an SEU browse session to scan it properly.

That's why Spool View was created.  It a re-write of OS/400ís spool display that overcomes many of its limitations.  Almost every aspect has been improved on.  From mixed-case and backward scanning, to display of blank lines, overprinting and IPDS / AFPDS attributes.

See a full list of Features.

If you're familiar with Source Entry Utility (SEU), Spool View can be made to run with a single Control/Find line, and F9 retrieval - this is configurable by user of course.  It also has a full screen mode showing six extra lines of text - a difference you'll appreciate.

Spool View is very efficiently written and actually runs faster than the standard program.

Spool View makes your job easier by making something that you use every day more user-friendly and functional.

See some Screen Shots showing IPDS and overprint display + Full Screen mode
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