BPCS Column Heading
"We have found the program to be of great value.  Both users and staff have commented on the usability of queries now that the field descriptions make sense."
Bill Clark - OMG Americas.

The BPCS Column Heading Fix 

Corrects the text and column headings on BPCS V6 

Now handles the v8.0 database


If you have installed the latest version of BPCS (version 6 or higher) you will have noticed that many of its database column headings (the descriptions on top of field columns) are often misleading or incorrect.  This means that the headings which appear in Query, SQL, DFU and other file viewing or editing utilities become basically unreliable, making their display or report difficult to read.

If you have this problem then here's a solution...

It's a tool which changes the column headings, text and edit-words on your BPCS database and makes them meaningful.  The best feature of this tool is that it works directly on the file objects and not on their source.  In the space of a few minutes your entire database (physical and logical files) can be corrected without you having to recompile a single file or copy any data.  So you'll not have to look at another "Date 8,0" description again!

This product comes with 'field reference files' containing the corrected column headings for each BPCS version.  Each field reference file contains 30+ thousand BPCS fields and can be edited to your liking.

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How much time is wasted in trying to understand the faulty descriptions or fixing them in Query?  They are not just an inconvenience and cause of confusion, but also have the potential to cause costly errors due to somebody misreading the data.

To fix this problem yourself using DDS or AS/SET would take a month of solid work - probably longer.  You would then need to recompile your entire database.  But with this tool, all the hard work has been done for you, and can be applied in a flash.

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BPCS v6 + v8 users:


Correct your field descriptions and make your files readable.

No programming or recompiles required.

Runs in minutes.