Work with System
   Activity II
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Work with System Activity II
An alternative to WRKSYSACT  

The Work with System Activity (WRKSYSACT) command is a great thing to have.  You see at a glance what jobs are hogging your system.  And it's often preferable to WRKACTJOB as it also shows tasks and has the auto-refresh option*.  Trouble is it only comes with Performance Tools which can cost between $730 and $17520**.  Not cheap if you only want this command.

That's why this tool was written, it's called 'Work with System Activity II' or WRKSYSAC2 for short.  Basically it does the same job as WRKSYSACT, showing all the active jobs / tasks and sorted by reverse CPU%.  Has manual and automatic refresh.

It has benefits over the standard command

  • Has both F5=Refresh and F10=Restart - like WRKACTJOB, so as to get a better average.
  • Can be run simultaneously from multiple sessions (WRKSYSACT can be used on one only).
  • Shows more useful job info, like Type, Status, Function and Total CPU time.
  • Allows jobs to be Held, Ended and Changed.
  • Allows jobs/tasks to be filtered based on name, user and CPU percentages.
  • Output can be sent to display, printer or database file.
  • Doesn't require performance tools


Download a free trial version.

Shareware price #: $175 USD

This software is provided as shareware.  The display features are fully functional.  It is supplied on the condition that if it were to be used on an ongoing basis or for a commercial purpose, that it be purchased in accordance with the prices, terms and payment methods set out in the accompanying documentation.

* Later releases of WRKACTJOB have auto-refresh, but do not re-start statistics.
** IBM price for product code 5xx-PT1, base + manager features.  Pricing is processor based from P05 to P50 groups.
# Prices are subject to change without notice unless previously agreed to.