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Remote View
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Monitor, Capture & Control AS/400 Displays  

Controlling the Console for a remote System Save


Because system saves can only be done from the console, one of the uses for this product is to remotely control the console session to run the SAVSYS function.  But this requires putting the system into a restricted state - i.e. terminating all subsystems - and that would knock out the session you are signed on to.

So to do this you would need to get the console to call a program which did the necessary work.

This program should contain the following elements:

  1. DLYJOB of e.g. 5 minutes.  This will give you time to sign off your session, or change your mind (via SysRq/2 - i.e. bringing up the System Request screen on the console (using the 'S' action) then going into that screen, then taking option 2 on that Sys-Req menu).
  2. ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED  to put the system into a restricted state.
  3. SAVSYS  tape-device-name.
  4. STRSBS for each subsystem to make the system (and your session) available again.
       Alternatively, call the startup program QSTRUP (or your customised version).

Because this product cannot take control of sign-on screens (there needs to be a job running on the remote device) you will need to leave the console signed on as an authorized user.  And of course, a tape loaded!  Make sure that the console session won't be terminated or disconnected by the QINACTIV and QINACTMSGQ system values.