Lock Buster
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Lock Buster
Change and Recompile objects while other jobs are using them 

Lock Buster - Pricing and Ordering information

The price of this product is $600* US dollars, which covers a license for one CPU, regardless of its size, model or number of users.  Additional copies are half price.

Special offer:

Lock Buster + Remote View (Change-capable version) for $1500* US dollars - a saving of $300.

The combination of both products gives you better control in getting users out of locked objects, without job cancellation, so important changes can be made sooner.

* Prices are subject to change without notice unless previously agreed to.

How to Order

To order the permanent version of this software (which doesn't expire), do the following:

Send an Email to the below address specifying your wish to purchase the 'PERMANENT version of Lock Buster' (put the word 'permanent' in upper case).  Include the following:

  1. The Serial Number of your AS/400.
  2. Your Name
  3. Company Name and Address
  4. Purchase Order reference (if applicable)

We will then send a return Email with your permanent key.  An invoice will be sent later as an email attachement with 30 day terms.  Payment method is by check, bank transfer or credit card through a secure connection.

Send your requests to: mail@precosis.com

Attention: Sending a request for a permanent version of this product signifies your agreement to purchase the product and your acceptance of its conditions of use.  If you do not agree to purchase this product or do not agree with its conditions of use, do not send a request for a permanent version.

General terms:

Supply: This product is supplied on credit.  You get the permanent enabling key before making payment.  So there is no supply risk to your company.

Maintenance: There are no maintenance payments.  Any new versions containing additional features and/or bug fixes are free of charge.  An exception may be new features that are sold as an 'add-on'.  But there is no charge for bug fixes.

Multiple copies: Additional copies may be purchased at half the price of the initial copy.  The lower price may be paid on the condition that all of the machines are licensed to the same company or entity.

Migration to new machine: If you are replacing your current machine and require a new key, then this will be counted as an additional copy which is half price.  This is done in lieu of charging maintenance and removes any requirement for periodic payments.  Many vendors have a 15%+ annual fee which covers new versions and machine upgrades.  And since most machines are upgraded or replaced on average every three years, this works out to be about the same as half of the original price over that period.  But if you prefer a maintenance agreement that can be arranged instead.

Email notification: As a customer, you may receive notification via email of new versions of this product when they become available.  You may also receive product announcements of other new products, including freeware and special offers.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have any queries, please Email the above address and we will get back to you.

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