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Logon as User
Simulated user sign-on 

Logon as User - new version information

Current V6R1 version installed on 8-March-10
RISC release is still at version 2.0.0, installed on 5-May-03

Version 3.0.0 (current version) contains the following changes:

  • Enable product to run in V6R1 of OS/400 (i6.1 of iOS).
  • Due to restrictions in V6R1 OS, command CHGPWDTMP (Change Password Temporarily) is no longer available.


Version 2.0.0 contains the following changes:

  • New command added - Logon as Virtual Session.
  • New command added - Change Password Temporarily.
  • Allow product to run at High and Low security levels.
  • Simulate the Attention key of other user.
  • Extensions to library list length to handle changes in V5R1 of OS/400.