Logon as User
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Logon as User
Simulated user sign-on 

Logon as User - (download information)

(Release date of software is 5-May-03;   V6R1 version is 8-March-10)

To download this utility you will need: (a) Some form of file-transfer utility (e.g. FTP, PC-Support, Rumba, Client Access, or Shared Folders); and (b) An RPG compiler (unless you use FTP).


For RISC machines running OS V3R7 to V5R4, download the below zip file and un-zip it.

Download LOGU-R.ZIP (143KB) RISC V3R7-V5R4

For machines runing OS V6R1 or higher, download this one:

Download LOGU61.ZIP (205KB) V6R1+

For CISC machines (OS V3R2 and below), download this one:

Download LOGU-C.ZIP (102KB) CISC

This will unpack two objects: A document in Word 6 format and a Save File containing the software package.  The document tells you how to install and use the package.

Attention: Installation or use of this product signifies your acceptance of its conditions of use.  If you do not agree with its conditions of use, do not install or use this product.

To order a trial version - (no obligation)

The software that you have downloaded is a demo version.  The LOGONUSER command is fully functional.  But LOGONVT and CHGPWDTMP commands work only on profiles beginning with "TEST" (e.g. TEST123 - you can create a profile to test this).  This is sufficient to demonstrate the full capacity of the product's functions.  If you wish to get a 'time-trial' version which doesn't limit the functions, do the following:

Send an Email to the below address specifying that you want a 'time-trial version of Logon as User' along with the serial number of your AS/400.  We will then send a return Email with instructions on how to install your time-trial security code (which will expire in a month's time).  If you need more time than this, just send another request.  We are happy to extend it.

Send your requests to: mail@precosis.com

If you have any queries, please Email the above address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

To order, see the Pricing and Ordering information.
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