BPCS Column Heading
"We have found the program to be of great value.  Both users and staff have commented on the usability of queries now that the field descriptions make sense."
Bill Clark - OMG Americas.

The BPCS Column Heading Fix 

Corrects the text and column headings on BPCS V6 

BPCS Column Heading Fix (download information)


To download this utility you will need: (a) Some form of file-transfer utility (e.g. FTP, PC-Support, Rumba, Client Access or Shared Folders); and (b) An RPG compiler (unless you use FTP).
(Release date of software is: RISC: 27-May-05 , CISC: 19-June-02)


For RISC machines, download the following ZIP file and un-zip it:

Download FTC-R.ZIP (54KB) RISC

For CISC machines, download this one:

Download FTC-C.ZIP (26KB) CISC

This will unpack two objects: A document in Word 6 format and a Save File containing the software base-package.  The document tells you how to install and use the package and other important information.

Next, download the following Field Reference work-file that corresponds to your database, then un-zip it.:

Download BPF602.ZIP (349KB) Version 6.0.02
Download BPF604.ZIP (377KB) Version 6.0.04
Download BPF61G.ZIP (376KB) Version 6.1.00 GA
Download BPF611.ZIP (376KB) Version 6.1.01
Download BPF800.ZIP (349KB) Version 8.0.00
Download BPF821.ZIP (422KB) Version 8.2.01

This contains a Save File object which will be restored into the product library.  Refer to the document for further instructions.

To order a full version

The software that you have downloaded is a demo version.  It works only on the BPCS files AVM (vendor master), IIM (item master) and RCM (customer master) and their related logical files.  This is sufficient to demonstrate the full capacity of the product's functions.  If you wish to purchase a full working version of this software, see the Pricing and Ordering information.

If you have any queries, please e-mail to mail@precosis.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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