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Programs in Use
Call stack analyzer - finds active programs  

Programs in Use (download information)


To download this utility you will need: (a) Some form of file-transfer utility (e.g. FTP, PC-Support, Rumba, Client Access or Shared Folders); and (b) An RPG compiler (unless you use FTP).
(Release date of software is 15-December-00)


For RISC machines, download the following ZIP file and un-zip it.

Download program PIU-R.ZIP (99KB) RISC

For CISC machines, download this one:

Download program PIU-C.ZIP (47KB) CISC

This will unpack two objects: A document in Word 6 format and a Save File containing the software package. The document tells you how to install and use the package and other important information.

Attention: Installation and/or use of this product signifies your acceptance of its conditions of use and its associated disclaimers.

To get a time-trial key

The software that you have downloaded is a demo version. It displays only programs that start with the letters A to K. To enable this utility to work fully you will need a software key. To get a temporary key put your serial number in the below box and click on Get-Key.

  Put in your serial number: and click on
  (no leading S or hyphens - see what's my serial number?)

This will enable the product to operate for 30 days. After that it will remain fully functional but will send Shareware Reminder messages to the screen and job log.

To order the permanent version

Send an Email requesting your wish to purchase the 'PERMANENT version of 'Programs in Use' along with the serial number of your AS/400. Also include the following information: Your Name, Company Name, Address and Fax number (and PO reference if applicable). We will then send an Email with your permanent enabling key. An invoice will be sent later (30 day terms). Payment method is by check, bank transfer or credit card.

Or you may order online using this Secure Payment Form. Once you have done so, send your serial number(s) in a separate email.

If you have any queries, please Email the above address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Multiple copies

The first two copies of this product are at full price of $150 US, additional copies thereafter are free. This is on the condition that all of the machines are licensed to the same company or entity. I.E.: 1 Copy = $150 US , 2 or more copies = $300 US.

Conditions of use, Disclaimer, References & Copyrights