AS/SET Source Compare
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Programming/documenting tools for AS/SET ADK 

AS/SET Source Compare

AS/SET Source Compare compares two AS/SET ADK programs and lists their differences.  All the important aspects of the programs are compared and any differences found reported as Added, Deleted or changed Before / After.  The programs can be of any type and can come from different application sets.

Useful For

  • Finding differences between PTFs, CUMs and BMRs with their base originals
  • Assisting in the merging of your program changes with new releases
  • Providing documentation of your program changes

Comparison Features

  • Narratives
  • Action diagrams
  • Field definitions - including parameters, file & data models, and data structures
  • Screen definitions - including fields, literals, hidden fields, field groups, and validation
  • Report layouts

Other Features

  • Can display direct to screen.
  • Choose which sections to compare.
  • Full help text.

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