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AS/SET Quickie Print
Fast and Useful program listings

AS/SET Quickie Print is designed to make a programmer's task easier by returning fast and useful information from sections of AS/SET ADK programs in a format more readable and/or unavailable in what the 'standard print function' of AS/SET provides.

Main Benefits

  • Makes the print-out smaller and more understandable by optionally excluding 'deleted' (commented-out) code lines - but leaves the legitimate comments in.
  • Makes the Report-section layouts easy to read by combining the layouts with the field widths, 'numbers' and descriptions (the standard print is difficult to follow because it splits field number and field width information to separate reports).
  • Do you have programs lost amongst several application sets?  The multi-set program selection feature will find them for you - Free feature!
  • It runs much faster than standard indented print, and can display direct to screen.

Other Features

  • Improved indent marking - fixes limitations in the standard print, e.g. with GETBLK.
  • Select code lines by date changed - good as a change control review.  Code lines can either be filtered exclusively by date, or 'marked' for easy scanning.
  • Select specific screens and subroutines - limits the print to the parts you want.
  • Shows file and data-model on result field - the standard print won't do this; helps avoid confusion.
  • Subroutine call summary shows calls to other routines and programs - helps summarize the program structure.
  • Subroutine called-from summary shows where routines are referenced - good as a subroutine cross-reference.
  • Shows Screen layouts with fields, field groups and validation.
  • Shows Narrative, Parameters and Data Structures.
  • Field list shows Data Structure sub-field references - see when a field is part of a data structure.
  • Current program, screen, subroutine and report printed atop each page - so you can see where you are (the standard print won't show this).
  • Full help text on the all 30 prompt fields of the main command PRTASPGM (Print AS/SET Program).

Download a free trial version.